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A kit containing custom-made wooden jigs and five metal samples used in Physical Science

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This kit contains three custom-made wooden jigs and metal samples specifically designed for use with experiments for Physical Science.

What’s Included:

It is wonderful for teachers and students to construct these simple items themselves as part of the experiment, imitating the methods of scientists historically who frequently had to construct apparatus to carry out their experiments. Schematics for making these widgets are included on the Digital Resources. However, we recognize that many do not have time or resources so we make them available to you.

  • Hot Wheels Track Clamp Support Base – used in Experiment 1, Measuring Kinetic Energy
  • Double Support Stand with Adjustable Crosspiece (set of two) – used in Experiment 1 and 12, Kinetic Energy and Magnetic Field Strength
  • Four Hole Spring Mounting Block – used in Experiment 8, Inertia and Force
  • Five Metal Samples – used in Experiment 5, Determining Volume, and Experiment 6, Determining Density:
  1. Aluminum angle
  2. Aluminum rod
  3. Brass rod
  4. Aluminum flat bar
  5. Steel flat bar

Items are available individually. Please call for information.

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