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Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry(ASPC), 2nd Edition

Note: the Accelerated Studies in Physics & Chemistry (ASPC) is temporarily on backorder. Ordered copies will be sent as soon as they are available.

An accelerated "physics first" course for 9th grade. ASPC is a physical science text intended for accelerated 9th-grade students who have already completed Algebra I. Like all CP texts, ASPC integrates history, mathematics, and technical communication skills in a compact volume with aesthetically mature graphics and lucid, grade-level prose.

ISBN: 978-0-9989833-6-3

ASPC Digital Resources

Digital Resources to accompany Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry. Course overview, quizzes, semester exams, keys, weekly review guides, and more. Downloadable from Classical Academic Press website.

Solutions Manual for ASPC 2e

Full solutions to all calculation problems in Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry(ASPC). An optional companion resource showing step-by-step solutions to all computation problems.

ISBN 978-1-7326384-1-9

Experiments for Introductory Physics and ASPC

6 Experiments designed to teach proper laboratory skills and methods, illustrate concepts in physics. Experiments accompany Introductory Principles in Physics and ASPC.

ISBN: 978-0-9966771-4-1

The Student Lab Report Handbook, 2nd Edition – optional

A concise student guide for creating premier lab reports from scratch. Syntax, word choice, technical expression, data analysis and error prediction are all discussed. Instructions for creating graphs in MS Excel and 4 sample reports are included.

ISBN 978-0-9883228-7-5

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  • The Student Lab Report Handbook (optional) – this resource is a valuable addition to guide students in preparing top-quality lab reports. It applies to other science subjects as well. We make it optional in case you’ve already purchased it for another course.