Accelerated Chemistry

An accelerated chemistry course for high school. Accelerated Chemistry is an ideal text for strong students who aspire to a STEM-oriented college program, or who just love science. This book contains up-to-date examples, fascinating illustrations, and lucid narrative.

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Pipette of clear liquid into a test tubeAccelerated Chemistry is an ideal text for students who love science and aspire to a STEM-oriented college program. This book contains up-to-date chemistry information, beautiful illustrations, and lucid narrative. It also supports Novare’s trademark mastery-learning paradigm.

This accelerated text is a more intense treatment than our Principles of Chemistry text. This text includes additional chapters on thermochemistry, chemical equilibrium, and a glimpse into organic chemistry. Ample exercises are included in each chapter giving students plenty of opportunity to develop skills.

Explanations move along a little faster and go into a little more depth than the grade-level text. See the Table of Contents and Samples Pages by clicking the buttons above.

Although the mathematics involved in chemistry are generally not advanced, Accelerated Chemistry is recommended for students who are concurrently enrolled in Algebra II due to the appearance of logarithm calculations when studying pH values.

Person wearing gloves and looking through the eyepiece of a microscopeAs with all Centripetal Press textbooks, our design philosophy guides the layout and composition of the text. Colors and images are attractive without being distracting. Our books are designed to be read and studied, and the presentation as well as the voice of the narrator supports that.

Be sure to add the Resource CD to your list to get access to quizzes and tests, and the associated answer keys. It also contains scheduling information and recommendations for conducting the course. Also, choose from our two Chemistry Experiments manuals for either school laboratory use or home-based contexts without access to standard lab fixtures.

NOTE: It is recommended that students have a prior course in physics before using this book. It is assumed that important skills and concepts are already grasped before using this text. If you want to use this text but have not had the physics foundation, you can use The Novare Chemistry Supplement to get you up to speed. It is a 25-page primer of fundamental learning that this texts takes for granted that students already know.

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