Principles of Chemistry Bundle

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Principles of Chemistry

Principles of Chemistry is a mastery-learning, integrated, and wonder-inspiring textbook for high school. Rigor and elegance have met.

ISBN 978-0-9972845-2-2

Solutions Manual for Principles of Chemistry

Full solutions to all calculation problems in Principles of Chemistry.

ISBN 978-0-9981699-0-3

Principles of Chemistry Digital Resources

Digital Resources to accompany Principles of Chemistry. Course overview, quizzes, semester exams, keys, weekly review guides, and more. Downloadable from Classical Academic Press website.

Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home

19 chemistry experiments for contexts where standard facilities are not available. No more “magic shows.” Experiments are designed to provide real-world lab experience and illustrate principles from CP textbooks in a context where standard lab facilities are not available.

ISBN: 978-0-9904397-7-6

The Student Lab Report Handbook, 2nd Edition – optional

A concise student guide for creating premier lab reports from scratch. Syntax, word choice, technical expression, data analysis and error prediction are all discussed. Instructions for creating graphs in MS Excel and 4 sample reports are included.

ISBN 978-0-9883228-7-5

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