10 Reasons to Adopt Centripetal Press

From lighter backpacks to NSTA recommendations, our favorite reasons educators choose Centripetal Press.
The right amount of content for mastery
More than 75% of American science teachers agree it’s better to cover units in greater depth, even if it means getting through fewer topics. Our curriculum is carefully chosen so students can master the material in a standard school year.
Engaging with the scientific process

Students need to learn essential history so they understand not just what scientists agree on today, but how these ideas came to be. With Centripetal Press, they will be well versed in key scientific stories like the Copernican Revolution and the history of electricity.

Scientific literacy skills

Experts agree that students who enter STEM fields need to be able to write and communicate well. On every test, quiz, and homework assignment, students are required to write in clear, complete sentences to develop their communication skills.

Real, beautiful books
Publishers and tech companies across the country promote computers, ebooks, and tablets in the classroom — despite huge amounts of evidence that too much screen time damages the brain. Our textbooks draw students in to a focused learning environment with elegant, non-distracting visuals.
National Science Teacher’s Association Recommendation

Our Student Lab Report Handbook achieved “recommended” status by the National Science Teacher’s Association. This student resource covers syntax, word choice, technical expression, data analysis and error prediction and how to create professional, scientific graphs.

No more worksheets
Numerous studies have shown that worksheets are a waste of time. You won’t see a multiple-choice, true-false, or fill-in-the-blank question in our teaching material. Students instead develop serious critical thinking skills through challenging verbal and mathematical practice exercises.
Goodbye, back problems
A 2010 study showed that a third of American kids aged 11 to 14 reported back and neck pain from their gigantic backpacks. Our books weigh less than half our competitors’, since our curriculum covers only what is manageable in an average school year.
Authentic voice
Some textbook authors bore their readers; our books speak directly to students. “I like reading the book because it’s like the author is right here talking to us,” says one of our ninth-grade learners.
Healthy habits to get ready for college
Research shows that at least 45% of college students admit to cramming for tests and assignments. Mastery-based, cumulative learning teaches students from a young age to space out their studying throughout the semester. Once they reach college, they will be more than ready.
A quickly growing movement
In only five years, over 150 schools nationwide have adopted the textbooks of Centripetal Press and its parent company Novare Science & Math. Each year we add textbooks to our catalogue and free resources for teachers to our website. As a small company, we can truly listen to, support, and respond to our schools and teachers.